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Giving Back

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" - Anatole France

Animal-human relationship is one of the most fascinating connections between species. In today's society, domesticated animals have become companions and have successfully woven into the fabric of our lives. They have become family members; friends. Perhaps it is because animals grant us unconditional love. Perhaps it is because they never judge us or speak ill. Whatever the reason, I feel completely fascinated by the animal kingdom - wild & domestic. Each species is a masterpiece in itself.

Given that WE domesticated them, I feel that US humans should make a concerted effort to remedy the feral/stray issue. We can all make a difference if we donate our skills and time to the cause!

I truly believe that great photography can mean the difference between a prolonged stay in a shelter or a cozy fur-ever home! To help, I donate pro-bono photography services to my local no-kill cat shelter: Happy Cats Haven. I have been able to work with them on special adoption promotions, TNR (Trap Neuter Return) campaigns, on social media drives and on design elements for electronic newsletters.

I wish I could adopt all homeless cats, but that is an unrealistic goal, so I settle to contributing my skill-set to finding them claw-some homes!

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